Princess Isobel and the Magic Contest

Princess Isobel’s breakfast is interrupted by a bossy sorcerer who demands a WizardContest to show that he is the greatest. Princess Isobel is determined not to let him win,but when he takes away her voice things get much more tricky. Join us for the latestepisode of The Story Forest, original tales for curious and adventurousContinue reading “Princess Isobel and the Magic Contest”

Princess Isobel and the Rude Cousins

Princess Isobel has an early morning encounter with a fairy, making her excited for day of adventures ahead. But then she has to put on a dress, sit down to tea and entertain her snooty cousins. It looks like a terrible waste of a brilliant day, but adventure soon appears… Join us for the latestContinue reading “Princess Isobel and the Rude Cousins”