Anna Roberts

Stories for my daughter, read by my mother.

I found myself telling my daughter endless stories: to entertain her as she walked to school, as we travelled in the car, as I persuaded her to eat her soup: just as my mother once told me stories. I also found they were quite good.

To entertain children, to help parents, to flex my writing muscles, to immortalise the tales that my children love in the appropriate oral tradition of fairytales and to put to good use the storytelling voice of my Mother that has taken me on adventures for the whole of my life, I decided to take the best of them and turn them into a podcast.

We’ll do series, podcasts released weekly. We’re experimenting and learning as we go. We really, really hope that you enjoy them.

Anna, Aidan & Pam x

If you want to get in touch please email me on anna.macnaughton@gmail.com

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